Trans Drakensberg & Trans Baviaans Specials

Magiclight is proud to be the Official Light of the Trans Drakensberg & Trans Baviaans mountain bike races.
Look out for us along the route and at the Start & Finish zones. We have some great things planned to help see you through the darkest hours of these gruelling MTB challenges.

We have some exciting bicycle lighting packages for participating riders, including our ULTRA and EPIC batteries which are ideally suited to endurance night racing.

The ULTRA & EPIC water-bottle-style batteries were developed in South Africa, specifically for 24 hour endurance events like the Trans Baviaans.
No longer do you need to carry extra batteries or worry about recharging along the way, slot one of these into a bottle cage on your bike and it will see you right through from sunset to sunrise.
Click here for more info about the ULTRA battery.

For a mountain bike endurance race you need a light with a good balance of flood & spot beam, and obviously a very important factor is how long it will last on a charge. The last thing you want to worry about is your battery running out of juice halfway down the Big Dipper.
Our lights are spec'd with the best balance between output (brightness) and efficiency (battery runtime). There's a lot more to choosing a bike light than just the amount of lumens it can produce. You need to take into account things like the shape of the beam.  Have a look at this article or drop me an email if you need help choosing the right bike light for you.

Not all riders will have the same lighting requirements for an endurance race.
We've given you the option of choosing from one of our standard light packages (the normal boxed light set you see on the shelf at your local bike shop) or you can customise your light package by choosing a light head and battery that matches your requirements.
You may already have a perfectly good battery and want to simply upgrade your light to the latest model, or perhaps you want to add an extra battery to your arsenal.

Depending on your estimated finish time, you should select a battery that will last at least as long as your night time hours of the race.
Refer to the table below to help you decide which battery you need.

 Estimated Total riding timeApproximate Night riding timeRecommended battery
8 to 10 hoursLess than 3 hoursSmall or Medium battery
10 to 12 hours Between 3 and 5 hours Large battery
Or extra small/medium battery
12 to 14 hoursBetween 5 and 7 hoursULTRA battery
14 to 24 hoursBetween 7 and 13 hours EPIC battery

OK, so now you should have an idea about how long you need your light to run for.
This is how the rider specials work:
  • Fill in the form below, selecting the light package you want
  • We'll send you a confirmation email with payment options and your light will be despatched as soon as payment is confirmed.