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Wide Angle Lens
  • Changes the standard 10 degree beam into a 10 degree by 30 degree beam. 
  • Spreads the light only horizontally, not up in the trees where you don't need it. 
  • Lights the full width of the road or trail in front of you. 

Sized to fit the Magiclight ML1000 or Magicshine MJ808 & clone lights.
Installs by simply unscrewing the bezel that holds the current lens & replacing it with the wide angle lens.

Recommended Retail: R100

Magiclight Helmet Mount

A great alternative to the large and somewhat clumsy helmet mount which was originally available for the O-ring mounted lights.
Our new helmet mount is much smaller and is easy to attach to your helmet with its hook and loop straps.
Once fitted to your helmet the light can simply be clipped on and off with the same quick release mechanism as our handlebar mount. This also means that your handlebar light can easily be transferred to the helmet and vice versa.
The helmet mount is small and inconspicuous enough to be left attached to your helmet during night riding season, without the need to remove it for daytime rides.

Recommended Retail: R160

ULTRA Battery

Provides more than double the runtime of the Standard Capacity battery, and weighs just 464g.
The battery is built into a fully sealed, waterproof, bottle-style casing with a unique power port at the top. The power port reduces the crows-nest effect of messy cables and connectors. Simply plug your light cable directly into the top of the battery.
At 9600mAh this battery will power your ML1000 light on High for +/- 7 hours

Magiclight ULTRA battery
Recommended Retail: R1150

EPIC Battery

This battery is for riders who need power for multiple nights of riding without having to recharge in between.
Its exactly the same physical size as the ULTRA battery and only weighs 737g (that's less than a 750ml water bottle)
At 16800mAh this battery has some serious staying power. It will power your ML1000 for +/- 13 hours. 
That's the equivalent of 4 Standard batteries!!
Magiclight EPIC battery
Recommended Retail: R1470

Refer to this table for a comparison of the various capacity batteries available

Magiclight Handlebar Mount

Provides a more secure, stable alternative to the O-ring mount for attaching your light to the handlebars.

The Magiclight Handlebar Mount is a bolt-on upgrade for all Magiclight / Magicshine and Magicshine clone lights.
Here's a video demo of this mount:

Magiclight Handlebar Mount Installation