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MJ816 Bike Light

Product ID: MJ816

1400 lumen bicycle light featuring SSC P7 (centre) & Cree XP-E LED's

Magiclight is proud to introduce you to the ultimate light for night-cycling. We believe this light sets the standard for high powered bike lights.

  • The MJ816 includes the 3rd Generation Smart battery 
  • Intelligent control system - The MJ816 offers 3 basic output modes with stepless dimming in each mode. This allows you up to 250 hours of runtime before needing to recharge your battery (great for the Trans Baviaans or other 24 hour endurance events)
  • Remote handlebar-mounted switch making it super easy to operate without having to take your hands off the bars
  • Battery level indicator - the illuminated remote control switch changes colour to indicate the level of your battery
  • 3 seperate LED's cater for all types of riding conditions in a single, versatile light
    • The 2 outside LED's (Cree XPE) are fitted with diffusers which create a wide spread of light directly in front of you - great for singletrack as it offers you more peripheral vision to help see around the next corner.
    • .The centre LED is a SSC P7, which lights up the road or trail way ahead of you. Great for riding fast

Here's the detailed specs:
  • 1400 lumens max output (manufacturer rated)
  • 3 LED’s - 1 SSC P7 & 2 Cree XP-E
  • Various operating modes for user-controllable brightness and runtimes
    Mode 1: Only SSC P7 LED (centre pod)
    Mode 2: Only Cree LED’s (side pods)
    Mode 3: All 3 LED’s on simultaneously for max output
  • Stepless programming via handlebar-mounted remote control
    Lowest setting - 250 hours runtime
    Highest setting - 2,5 hours runtime
  • Illuminated remote control button with battery level indicator
    Green = 100% charge
    Blue = 75% charge
    Yellow = 50% charge
    Red = 25% charge
  • Light head is anodized T6 aircraft grade aluminium
  • Battery: 4-cell Smart Li-ion battery with digital battery level indicator
  • 1 year warranty (excludes battery which has a 3 month warranty only)

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Here's a couple of Youtube videos which demonstrate this latest edition to the range.

Unboxing the new MJ816

Mounting the MJ816 to your bike