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ML1000 Bike Light

Product ID: ML1000

LED bicycle light featuring the Cree XM-L LED

  • Upgraded quick release handlebar mount
  • NEW!! - Generation 3 Li Ion battery - waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof with an illuminated digital display showing your battery's charge level
  • Light head is machined aluminium - very small & lightweight
  • 3 modes - high, low, strobe
  • Runtime +/- 3hrs on high, 8hrs on low
  • Charging time +/- 4hrs
  • Weight - 412g (light & battery)
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • NEW "Fuel Gauge" feature - the illuminated switch on the back of the light changes from Green -> Blue -> Orange -> Red as the battery level drops
  • NEW thermal protection - The original MJ808 was susceptible to overheating when used in a stationary position on High mode. The light requires moving air to keep the unit cool. The ML1000 now includes a protection feature which automatically dims the light when the temp reaches a certain level. Once the light has cooled sufficiently it will automatically switch back to the previous output level.
  • 1 year warranty (excludes battery which has a 3 month warranty only)
  • Includes Li Ion charger with a 2-pin (EU) plug connection

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The package includes: bike light, battery, charger, handlebar mount & 2 different sized O-rings for use on Std / Oversize handlebars

Check out these videos of night riding with the Magicshine bike light over here.

Magicshine MJ808 Demo