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Magiclight upgraded mounting brackets

posted 17 Dec 2010, 07:06 by Brad Jackson   [ updated 20 Apr 2011, 15:33 ]
If there's one weak point on the Magicshine lights its without a doubt the mounting mechanism.
The O ring system is great for its simplicity, but its not great at holding the light super-steady on the bumpiest terrain.
Also, the O-rings tend to perish over time.

Well we've heard your requests for this to be improved, and over the last few months we've been hard at work designing our new upgraded bracket.

We had some strict criteria and we believe we've met them all.
  • It had to be easy to install with simple tools.
  • We wanted it to be universal - the same bracket would fit on any of our current bike lights
  • Had to take up very little handlebar real-estate (we know what its like what with heart rate monitors, GPS's, cycle computers, MP3 players, etc all vying for their spot on your bars)
  • We wanted a simple way to move your Magiclight from handlebar to helmet.
  • It had to be easy enough to clip on and off in the dark without even having to take your riding gloves off.
  • We wanted to introduce some lateral adjustment. The new bracket allows 15 degrees of adjustment left and right so you can focus your bike light exactly where you need it to point.
So here it is, the new Magiclight bike and helmet mount...

It comes in 3 separate parts:
  1. The base unit - screws onto the base of your light, replacing the standard O-ring mount.
  2. Handlebar mount - made of durable, light weight plastic, it bolts on to your handlebars and allows you to easily clip your light on and off.
  3. Helmet mount - attaches with hook and loop straps through the vents on your helmet. This one is much smaller and easier than the original Magicshine helmet mount.
Oh, and for anyone building their own DIY bike lights, we believe our bracket is simply the best option. With its simple single-screw mount, its a no brainer to attach it to your own custom-built DIY bike light.

Brad Jackson,
3 Jan 2011, 08:13