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Freedom Revolution Unicycle Tour across South Africa

posted 2 Dec 2010, 00:07 by Brad Jackson   [ updated 2 Dec 2010, 00:28 ]
We're supporting this crazy bunch of unicyclists (thats a bicycle with just one wheel in case you were wondering) who are cycling 2500km across South Africa, raising funds for the Bobs For Good Foundation to provide underprivileged school children with shoes.

The team will be doing a significant amount of their riding at night - they have a lot of distance to cover and there are just not enough hours in the day.

Magiclight has taken care of their illumination requirements and we've also supplied them with some tunes for this epic ride (we figure they needed something to take their minds off the pain and help keep their sanity in check).

Each rider is equipped with a helmet mounted MJ808e bike light (remember its a unicycle so there's no handlebars) and a helmet-mounted Niuge (our compact, super-lightweight bike light).

We've also supplied them with a Podio Luminadio - a combination light and MP3 player which has its own active speaker (no earphones required).

Do yourself a favor and go and have a read of their blog - its quite an adventure!!