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EPIC battery

posted 4 Oct 2011, 00:17 by Brad Jackson   [ updated 4 Oct 2011, 01:56 ]
Our ULTRA battery, which we like to call the "All Night Battery", has proven to be a popular choice for riders taking part in long night rides and endurance races like the Trans Baviaans

We went one step further and created the ultimate endurance battery...

Magiclight EPIC battery

The EPIC battery sets the new standard in terms of a compact, high performance bicycle light battery.
If the ULTRA was an all night battery then the EPIC can be thought of as an all-week battery
Weighing just 737g (less than a 750ml water bottle) and fitting conveniently into a bottle cage on your bike, the EPIC battery is what you need when you want to ride for several nights in a row without having to recharge in between.
Its also great if you don't want to worry about conserving power by running your light on a medium or low setting. With the EPIC battery you can crank your light at its maximum setting and never worry about running out of juice on your ride.

Check out our comparison table of the various batteries available.
Magiclight battery comparison table

The EPIC battery has arrived just in time for the 2011 Trans Drakensberg MTB Race
As the official light of this new event, Magiclight is offering entrants a special deal on lights & accessories.
Contact us and we'll help you get kitted out with all you need for your night cycling adventures.