Lithium Ion Batteries

Much like the advances in LED lighting, battery technology has also seen significant progress in recent years.
Most electronic devices like cell phones, Ipods, laptops & digital cameras use Lithium Ion batteries these days.

Lithium ion batteries are low maintenance, unlike most other rechargeable batteries. They don't have a "memory" and no scheduled cycling is required to prolong their life. They are long lasting and are rated for 300 to 500 charging cycles.

The energy density of a lithium ion battery is about twice that of NiCad batteries. This means that you get much more energy than out of a similar sized NiCad battery.
View this table for a summary of the runtimes of the various batteries available from Magiclight

Although the above points are great benefits of Li Ion batteries, the following important guidelines need to be observed to ensure their safe operation.

If your battery has been damaged please stop using it immediately and contact your nearest retailer to arrange a replacement.

Magiclight will honour warranty claims for lights and batteries distributed by us which are still within the warranty period, provided that the following guidelines have been followed and the battery has not sustained any damage due to getting wet, being dropped, or any other accidental or abusive handling.

In order to request a warranty repair / replacement please do so through the retailer where you bought the product. Be sure to provide proof of purchase.

Instructions for safe use of Lithium Ion batteries

Please take note of the following general guidelines which pertain to all Lithium-Ion batteries:

  • Keep the battery away from extreme heat
  • Do not reverse polarity
  • Do not short circuit
  • Do not allow plug socket to get wet
  • If your battery is physically damaged (i.e. has been dropped or got wet) stop using it immediately
  • Avoid repeatedly discharging to below 20% capacity. Lithium Ion batteries prefer to be topped up more frequently instead of being run flat.


Charging Instructions:

  • Only recharge using the prescribed Li-ion charger
  • When charging place the battery in a fireproof container / location
  • Do not charge near wood, textiles or other combustible materials
  • Do not charge unattended. When charging Li-ion batteries you should always remain in proximity to observe and respond quickly should something go wrong
  • Disconnect the battery as soon as charging is complete
Brad Jackson,
10 Apr 2014, 23:17