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Here's some feedback from happy customers:

  • Just bought a set of these - took them out early this morning - 900 Lumens at full power - all for R1,450 delivered the day after I paid.  Absolute bargain at the price.  If you're looking for a top class light at a good price this is the one, no doubt!! (5-Star rating)

  • All I can say is I had a black diamond light which I thought was great. I order one of these lights day before yesterday, and received it 18 hours later. I took it out for a ride this morning as 04:30. When I turn this on, you cannot even see my old light. The lumens output might be debatable, but this light is extremely bright, and I should have ordered one a long time ago.
    Thanks for a great affordable light.

  • Brad, you are a monster !!!
    Walked into my office and my 2
     lights are on my desk. 
    Super Service, thanks supaswift 
    Now, can't wait to go home and check it out in magic forest tommorow night. 

  • I used this light during the Desert Dash in Namibia. All I can say is that I was TOTALLY blown away!
    They are amazing - simple.
    On bright these lights are just silly, but understandably very useful when barreling down some rocky single track in the middle of the night!
    Give Brad your support when buying - yet to find a better level of service from anyone in ZA! 

  • Thanks for the good service, the light arrived just after 10. 

    I must say I’m very impressed with the quality of the light, both brightness and build. Will definitely recommend to all my mates.

  • Hi Brad 
    The lights worked perfectly for the Wiesenhof 24hr, so much so that I only rode on the brightest setting for first lap, there after and for rest of the laps, I rode on the lower setting. This was impressive because I ride with presciptions in my sunglasses & managed to see fine & was able to ride with no problems at a reasonable speed. 
    All in all I rode about 32km in the dark with no problems what so ever & by the time it did get dark the course was getting pretty badly worn & rutted & the magiclight performed perfectly again with no problems, no rattles & everything fitted securely. 
    The higher setting gives you a MASSIVE amount of light with good spread.
    The lower setting gives you more than adequate light if you want to go for longer rides & are worried about the battery life. So far everything has worked as per what the manual has claimed. 
    All I can say is you get value for money & excellent service too, well done Brad for offering a good, affordable product with such excellent service!Clap 
    Thats my 2cents, use it, don't use it...

  • I used this light for the first time last night. It was very dark out there, only stars. 
    The group I joined for a night ride was all blown away by the amount of light produced and everybody had positive comments about it, size weight, battery life and so on. 
    I must admit we were not going at breakneck speeds, so for general riding this light is more than up to the task. For road use it will be perfect. We were out there for 4 hours, 1/2 power was good enough for this ride and also not to blind the other riders. 
    Comments like: is that a hunting light? were coming forth. 
    I can honestly recommend this light to everybody who wants to do night riding in general. 
    It has enough spill so you can see not only the single track in front of you but also what is happening next to it and right in front of your bike.
    Thanks Brad for talking me into this light

  • Morning,thank u very much for the awesome service.
    Received the lights this morning and can't wait to test them tonight.
    Great doing business with you Brad.

  • Hi Brad,
    Thanks for the Magiclight. It arrived today, sooner than I thought, perfectly delivered and packaged.
    Testing it against my Sigma Karma Pro .... no comparison! I mean, the Magiclight on 'low' setting is more powerful than the Karma on High .... and the Magiclight on high is just awesome! Can't wait to try it on a ride.
    Thanks for your fast service

  • I recently received my Magiclight. All I can say is that I don't need a "better" light and the service / delivery time was unbelievable. Excellent value for money. This light, by virtue of its performance has recommended itself to a whole bunch of my riding buddies.

  • I just bought the new Magiclight MJ816.
    It is rated at 1400 lumens, so it is bright. Though it might not be the actual lumens it put put, it is powerfull.
    I give it five stars. Good power and much better price than you would pay in cycle shops for other inferior lights.
    Also great service from Brad.

  • Who said service in RSA is not good?. I've ordered and got my MJ816 in less that 24 hours. I dont know anything about lights (I just use them to see)but... my previous one was a SIGMA KARMA-PRO which cost me R1850 about 2 years ago. There are NO is the same if you compare a candle to the floodlights at SoccerCity. Thanks Brad for excellent service.

  • Hi Brad,

    Just a note to say that your Magiclight is amazing!

    I have ridden the last three TB’s with Cateye Quad lights and the difference is truly like night & day!!

    Great product. I will recommend it to all!

    Kind regards,


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