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Bicycle Lights

Suggested Retail Price:
 R1 550

An all new design, with a unique, sleek appearance. Smaller than the ML1000 and with a lower profile once mounted on the handlebars.
The ML1300 is a capable light suitable for commuting, road cycling and mountain biking.
Fitted with Cree's XM-L LED. The beam produced offers a good mix of spot and flood.

ML1300 Product Features:
  • Claimed Output: 1000 Lumens (* estimated output: 800 Lumens)
  • Weight: 115g
  • Upgraded Handlebar Mount included as part of the standard package
  • Waterproof, rubberized 4-cell battery
  • 4 modes: High / Medium / Low / Flashing
  • Estimated runtime on High: 3 hours

Suggested Retail Price:
 R2 565


Powered by dual Cree XM-L LED’s the ML1320 is a powerful companion suited to all sorts of night time adventures.
Dual switches provide a new level of control – one button turns the light on and cycles through the power modes, while the other button turns the strobe function on and off.
Optical lenses ensure maximum efficiency from the LED’s .

ML1300 Product Features:

  • Claimed Output: 2200 Lumens (* estimated output: 1600 Lumens) 
  • Weight: 105g
  • Upgraded Handlebar Mount included as part of the standard package
  • Waterproof, rubberized 6-cell battery
  • 4 power modes: 100% / 70% / 40% / 10%
  • Dedicated strobe mode (controlled by separate switch)
  • Estimated runtime on High: 3 hours
  • Thermal protection - light dims when temperature exceeds threshold to prevent overheating
 * Actual output usually differs from claimed output. It has become standard practice for manufacturers to over-rate the output of their lights based on the theoretical maximum that the LED can produce. By quoting both output figures we try to give you a fair comparison with other lights on the market while also giving you an accurate idea of the real output you will get from your light.